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The Edexcel GCSE Full Course PE tracking software

TrackPE, has been developed specifically for those teaching Edexcel courses. Automatic UMS and Grade calculations keep you up-to-date with the success of your students.


Highlighting helps you quickly find out who is working at an outstanding level and who is working below grade.

Student and Head of Department automatic Report generation reduce those end of term blues. Setup your classes, add your students, it couldnt be simpler.


TrackPE will save you time, reduce errors give you the piece of mind that its fully compliant with Edexcel courses.


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Under Development

Track Pe is going through some major developments, don’t worry we are keeping all of your favourite features but adding some superb functionality to improve your experience. The launch will be over a few phases, with the first offering P.E Tracking across all exam boards, which will include A-Level, Sort course, Full Course and Double awards. The launch will also be seamless where you will not be required to download or set up any additional features, simply log on to be presented with a brand new interphase! Following this we will be adding BTEC, where the third phase of our development will be to offer tracking for all subjects allowing us to deliver a whole school package.


If you would like to pre order the A-level, Short course, full course or double award tracking tracking then please let us know and you will be the first to see the New developments all ready for the New year.


We will also be changing the name, re-branding to Pupil Progress, where the PE section once logged in will still be known as trackpe. This is because we will be offering more than just PE in the not to distant future. will still take you to the site that you all use now, giving everyone time before we move to The website will have the same great look and feel, where all of your feedback has allowed us to improve functionality saving you even more time!

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Who is Track PE aimed at?  Is it for me?


What are the main goals of Track PE?


How does Track PE balance my workload?


Is Track PE for me?

Track PE is a tracking system designed to massively reduce the amount of time collating, calculating and estimating grades. This tool simply does it all for you. The site is designed to efficiently collate all required data to allow reporting of progress and current situation

An efficient system saving you hours of your time.

This is a transparent method of reporting that provides an extremely clear picture for both the teachers and pupils’. Simply display this in the classroom and see the results!

What are we looking to achieve?

Simple to understand tracking systems for each class. Reports for not only subject leaders and teachers but also individual reports for pupils Able to add and edit classes at the click of a button, allowing easy management of new or leaving pupils, class changes, pupils removed from the course or late entries.

Is it easy?

Yes. It's easy to set up and edit during the year.

How does it work?

This will simply save you hours of either calculating grades using grade boundaries or will save you 100’s of hours trying to produce a spreadsheet that will!

There are already some 200 departments that are using the site with the view to connect these departments for resource and idea sharing, a truly useful networking forum.

Track PE are currently working on tracking systems for GCSE short course, A - level and Sport BTEC level 2 and 3. Allowing completed control over the management of all your courses.

The system automatically summarises the top 4 sports and then calculated the total; this is then added to the completed coursework grade; the working at grade is then calculated given the mock exam score; also provides a raw mark needed in the exam, given the practical score, in order to reach each grade boundary.

The UMS conversions have been taken for both practical and exam scores as per the 2012 summer exam series for full course GCSE PE.